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Are you good with people and have a passion to help others? Not sure if becoming a professional Christian counsellor would be a good career option to consider? We will share with you some simple questions to determine if you are suitable to becoming a Christian counsellor.

Unsure where to get started with finding the right course for you? Undecided as to whether to go    full-time or part time? We will share with you the options for study and help you choose the course that will best equip you for your counselling future.

Where will an accredited counselling course lead you? Do you work for a service organisation? Should you start your own business? Becoming a professional counsellor has many career options. We we help you explore all your potential career pathways.  

Lessons learnt from studying and transitioning into Christian Counselling

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Hear The Success Stories Of 3 Christians Who Studied Counselling And How They Were Launched Into New Careers & Callings in Christ 

How to fit a Christian Counselling course into your already busy schedule.

The highlights, the challenges and how to get through it from personal experience.

How these graduates got a job or started a business in Christian counselling.

Planning To Study

Studying The Course 

New Career Transition 

Liz Jenkins

Angie Hazlehurst

Committed to pursuing a career in the helping professions, Angie returned to
study in 2016. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Family Therapy (Christian), a Diploma of Counselling (Christian), and the industry Diploma of Counselling through the Australian Institute of Family Counselling. 

Since qualifying as a Registered Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association, Angie was offered a counselling internship with C3 Church Watson, ACT. She has also established a private counselling practice in Hall Village, ACT. Currently, she is supporting clients with Anxiety and Depression, Pre/Marriage Counselling, Family Therapy, and Grief and Loss.
Angie is particularly interested in the intersection of Theology and Psychology, and how therapeutic approaches that encompass the whole person can restore relationships and improve wellbeing. To develop her knowledge, Angie is also studying the Bachelor of Theology, through Charles Sturt University.

The Australian Visa Bureau identifies Counsellors on its Short-term Skilled Occupation List indicating a shortage in qualified counsellors in Australia.

The Graduates Who Will Be Speaking 

What People Say?

I have always had a passion to see people’s lives changed. By studying counselling with aifc, I am equipped with the tools to facilitate that change. Studying via Distance Education has made it more accessible and affordable.

Les Daly
(Diploma- Distance-based)
Aviation Fire Fighter

Many of the tutors I worked with during the time of my training had worked in the industry for many years; modelling to us strong counselling ethics and professional practice.

Vicky Robertson
(Graduate Diploma)
Family Counsellor

I chose to do the aifc course as a step toward regaining personal direction and purpose. After almost a year, I have grown so much both on a personal level and in my relationships.

Sam Wundke
(Advanced Diploma)
Professional Photographer

I’d definitely recommend aifc to any young person who is serious about their faith and wants to gain skills in helping people but is not sure what direction to take.

Kezia McGarvie
(Advanced Diploma)
Youth Camp Leader, Counsellor

Kye Dures

Kye is a chaplain at a Christian school in the coastal town of Port Macquarie. Beginning his work in the school as a Teacher’s Assistant, he quickly realised he had a desire to help adolescent students grow and develop their mental, emotional and spiritual health. To fulfil this desire, he began his studies with aifc in 2017, and upon completing the Diploma of Counselling (Christian) he transitioned into a chaplaincy role for 2018. Over the past year Kye has completed his Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy, all while applying the skills he’s learnt to assist students through a wide range of issues that they face. Moving into 2019, Kye will be continuing his work as a chaplain and begin to take on some counselling clients. Kye lives with his wife Anna and loves getting outdoors and experiencing God’s beautiful creation.

By joining this webinar you will hear from 3 Christian Counselling Students about their experiences and the process they went through to find their calling in Christian counselling 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then don't miss this great opportunity to hear from past students who found their calling in Christian Counselling

"After faith issues, church leaders report the greatest need for training among their leaders was around mental health (52%)."

Are you thinking about becoming a Christian Counsellor in 2019?

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Wondering what the types of opportunities are available for Christian Counsellors and their success rate?

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Liz Jenkins lives in Cairns with her family, where she is involved in a large range of interests and expressions! Liz is a graduate from aifc’s diploma of counselling, advanced diploma of counselling and family therapy, and graduate diploma of counselling and psychotherapy and Master of Counselling. She works in her own practice, sharing a work-space with two other aifc graduates. She is very involved in leadership in her local expression of Christian community, and has served with her husband in Mission Aviation Fellowship for the last 20 years. She is passionate about seeing people growing towards wholeness and walking in freedom.

Contributions by:

Nicholas Marks

CEO of Australian Institute of Family Counselling

Hosted by:

Jordan Mullen

Founder of Thrive Digital

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